Welcome to Wonders of Alabama

Welcome to Wonders of Alabama

On this site we collect pictures of the natural and man-made wonders from all over the state of Alabama.

Some of these you’ve never heard of, and many you’ve never seen, even if you live in Alabama. Lakes, rivers, waterfalls, caverns and caves, plantations, skyscrapers, dinosaurs (yes, dinosaurs!), mountains, beaches and more, are all here in Alabama the Beautiful.

We encourage our neighbors to send in their own beautiful photos for everyone to see and perhaps be inspired to visit. If you come for the wonders, you might find it hard to leave!

Mt. Cheaha by Becky Patterson

Enter the Photo Contest!

We will select one Winning Photo out of the first 100 we post on the site. The winning photographer will receive $100!**

Send an original** digital photograph via the email link. Size the picture to 800×600 pixels in size so that it emails and stores easily. Please send in one picture only and make sure it is a good shot of a Wonder in your area.

We will post the best 10 Wonder Shots for each locale.

**Please don’t send stock photos or those that have been copyrighted by someone else. We will notify the winner and arrange payment by email, so send your photo using the email address at which you wish to be notified.


Viewing is FREE to all.

But if viewing is free there must be advertising, right? Well, yes. We encourage SPONSORSHIP for each locale.

A limited number of Gold Star sponsors will be adopted for each location, and their logo will be prominently displayed.

Gold Star sponsorship is $50/month on a month to month basis, payable via Paypal only by clicking the GOLD STAR link.

A larger number of Blue Ribbon sponsors will also be presented.

Blue Ribbon sponsorship is $25/month on a month to month basis, payable via Paypal by clicking the BLUE RIBBON link.